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  Tuesday, December 12, 2023
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By Victoria Brito Morales

RIO GRANDE VALLEY, TEXAS – DEC. 12, 2023 – Technology is a major way forward, and for Genesis Carpio, earning a Master of Education in Educational Technology degree at UTRGV is a game changer.

Carpio, 33, is head band director at Sen. Eddie A. Lucio Jr. Middle School in Brownsville, and previously received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Music Education from UTRGV legacy institution UT Brownsville/Texas Southmost College. 

Now, after more than a decade as a band director in the Brownsville school district, Carpio has expanded on her knowledge of education and technology. 

“Band is very old-school,” Carpio said. “I feel like it is still considered one of the most old-school ways of teaching because it's all just instruments – the music right in front of you,” she said. “So, I decided to pursue this degree at UTRGV to see how I could help out the Lucio Middle School community. And of course, I wanted to amp up my own teaching game using tech.”

Carpio is mother to daughter Mayte, 1, and son Mateo, 5. Good organization was key to making sure her job, schoolwork and children all received the very best version of herself. 

The program, which Carpio describes as project-based, allowed Carpio the weekends to dedicate to her Sunday deadlines.  

“It was tough,” she said. “I balanced the 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. job and my mom duties, which are from 5 to 9 p.m. So, I had to be super organized. I had to have a game plan and get the kiddos into bed no later than 8:30 p.m. Once they were asleep, I could tackle anything school-related, to make sure I wasn't playing catch up.”

Baby Mayte kept mom on her toes the first few months of 2023. As a newborn, she needed extra attention that meant Carpio had to take pauses and sacrifice sleep to get everything done. 

“She didn't start sleeping through the night until she was 7 months old,” Carpio said. “January and February were tough because I had to pause what I was doing on my computer or my readings and tend to her. And then I'd come back to my tasks. Lots of coffee, lots of sleepless nights to turn in work.”

Still, her perseverance only motivated her more, and she hopes others can find their inner motivation to achieve their goals, despite any obstacles they might encounter. 

“I tell people, ‘Mission accomplished,’” Carpio said. “If I can do it, anybody can do it. I made it work. It was a successful journey.”


Education technology is not only technology in the classroom, but also is the utilization of technology for the individual learner to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to use technology. It’s a path to understanding how technologies can be applied in instructional and training settings.

It didn’t take long for Carpio to put her newfound knowledge to use by implementing student-centered learning in her band hall. 

“It’s all about the curiosity of the student and building off of what they already know, focusing on a personal plan for the student, which we already do in music,” Carpio said. “It is all about having plans for each student and helping them reach their goals, making them a little bit more self-sufficient so they can then do things on their own.”

Caprio Fall
After more than a decade as a band director in the Brownsville school district, Genesis Carpio decided to expand on her knowledge of education and technology. This weekend she will be one of nearly 3,000 graduates to earn degrees this weekend at UTRGV. (Courtesy Photo)

Using gamification, an educational approach that motivates students by using game elements in learning, Carpio utilized the platform called Flip to give students individual time to work and submit their music recordings on the platform.

“It's been a game changer because this method gives them the responsibility to do tasks themselves, rather than me sticking to a whole lesson plan that might not work for the individual learner,” Carpio said. “I asked myself, ‘How can my students grow and retain the information better?’ My students have been able to practice by themselves, move forward with their curiosity and build on what they already know.”

Lucio Assistant Band Directors Andrew Moser and Jacob Mederios have worked alongside Carpio on her journey and say they are in awe of the transformation her knowledge brought to the band hall. 

“Since beginning her master's program at UTRGV, Genesis has proven that perseverance and dedication to new passions can drive anyone to the highest levels of success,” Moser said. “In education, Genesis has inspired me to overcome challenges and obstacles by always remembering the ‘why’ of what we do as music teachers.”

Mederios, who has worked with Carpio since 2021, said she inspires him every day to be the best educator he can be. 

“The music that Genesis hands out to the students is at a higher level than the average middle school band is playing,” he said. “If it weren't for Genesis, my students would not have grown as musicians at the pace they are growing right now. She inspires me to constantly self-reflect and adapt my teaching to improve the student's skills and dexterity.”


Sam Carpio watched his wife spend countless nights doing schoolwork, then noted how she still showed up for her job and was present for her family. He calls that feat a shared victory for their entire family, especially their two children. 

“I'm so proud of my incredible wife,” he said. “Her determination to excel in school, at work and be an amazing force in our family is truly inspiring. Her commitment to lifelong learning and self-improvement is not just commendable, but also incredibly motivating. This milestone is really just a steppingstone for her, and I can't wait to see how much more she'll accomplish.”                 

Carpio said she must thank her family and the education technology program at UTRGV for their unwavering support and patience while she was part of this program – especially, her children.

“My family was so supportive. They were my rock through all of this,” she said. “My little ones had no idea what their mommy was doing, but they knew that I was busy. Bless their patience.

“I also want to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Rene Corbeil and the incredible program faculty for their patience and guidance,” she said. “Their support has been instrumental in my growth as an educator and inspired me to set and achieve new goals.”

She advises future education technology students to just do it, but first, do your research. 

“This program could do one of two things. It could kickstart your motivation, if you're already an educator, or it could provide new career opportunities. That’s a win-win for anyone.”

For more information on the accelerated online program in education technology, visit, utrgv.edu/accelerated/programs/master-of-education-in-educational-technology.


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