The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Forced Criminal Activities along Mexico's Eastern Migration Routes and Central America Department of Public Affairs and Security Studies

Southern Mexico

The dynamics in the states of the southern part of the migrant route are very different from state to the other. The three states in this part of the route are: Tabasco, Chiapas, and Oaxaca. Tabasco and Chiapas are the two entrances to Mexico from Central America; the first state borders Guatemala to the north and the second from the south. Oaxaca, neighboring Chiapas to the west, has become a very important location for migrants, as it houses one of the most important shelters in charge of a pro-migrant movement in the country. Cases of human trafficking were found mostly in the forms of labor and sex trafficking, with higher incidences in the city of Tapachula, in the state of Chiapas. The human trafficking occurs in bars, domestic servitude, and plantations.