Training FAQs

Employee Onboarding

I’m a new hire and I haven’t been called for Orientation, why?

  • I’m a new hire and I haven’t been called for Orientation, why?

Some steps must be completed before the On-Boarding and Engagement team contacts you.

1-      You need to return signed offer letter to department and HR Recruitment

2-      You need to complete the online Criminal Background Check process, electronic I-9 and complete and submit the required forms listed on the On-Boarding website in the “Before Your First Day” section to  
Recruitment will send you and email with instructions on how to complete all steps. Your department will send you an email with instructions if you are a student.

3-      Once you have completed the prior steps and you are a benefits eligible new hire to the University, the Employee On-Boarding team will contact you to schedule your attendance for the New Hire Orientation. Orientations are generally scheduled on the first and third Monday of each month.

Note: Visit our website for additional resources and information on our On-Boarding process.

I haven’t received an email from IT with my UTRGV credentials, why?

You will receive an email with an activation link to your personal email address (email address used to apply to the position) once you returned your signed offer letter, submitted required onboarding documents to HR, and once your department has completed all required hiring processes and you are entered in our system. Please also check your spam folder for the activation email. If you are still pending to receive an email, please try activating your account manually under the following link: - First Time User – Activate Account. This will resend the activation link to your personal email address. If still unable to activate your UTRGV account, please contact IT at 956-665-2020.

I attended orientation but still haven’t been assigned any training on Blackboard, why?

The Department of University Compliance generally assigns mandatory trainings on a weekly basis.  In order to be assigned Blackboard Compliance trainings, you must be active on our PeopleSoft system. If you still have not received an email with instructions to complete the trainings 2 weeks after your hire date, please contact the University Compliance Department at 956-665-2653.

You have 30 days to complete the trainings after the trainings have been assigned to you.

I do not have a vehicle to attend orientation, what are my options?

Please visit our Shuttle and Transportation services located under the Parking and Transportation Services website:

You will not be required to show a form of ID if you are using the University Shuttle.

Where do I present my documents for Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9)?

If Section II of the I-9 has not been certified by an HR Representative, please try to verify your documents in person at the Office of Human Resources on either campus as soon as possible. This step must be completed by the 3rd official workday latest.

If possible, please stop by at one of the following locations between 8am and 5pm to verify your I-9 by your start date:


2398 W. University Boulevard

Vaquero Plaza Building B

Brownsville, Texas 78520



1201 West University Drive

Marialice Shary Shivers Bldg. 2.126

Edinburg, Texas 78539


Please contact us at (956) 665-2451 if you are unable to present your original documents at one of our offices by your official start date.

Where can I verify my employment?

When asked for proof of your employment or income, please follow the 2 simple steps explained here: 

I am a supervisor expecting a new employee to start soon. Where can I find on-boarding resources?

Congratulations on the hire of your new employee! Please visit our website for on-boarding resources designed for supervisors. Resources for new hires can be found in the On-Boarding page. If you have any questions regarding New Employee Orientation or the on-boarding process at UTRGV, please reach out to

Training Opportunities

Where do I register for employee professional development trainings?

To register for a training, you can visit the Training Services website at  A calendar listing of professional development trainings are continuously being posted online at this site. 

I cannot access the link from the training announcement. How do I register for the training?

To register for a training, open a browser and type in the link to the Training Services webpage– The link information is usually included in the announcement in case users experience technical issues. 

Can I print a transcript from the UTRGV training portal?

Yes.  To access your transcript from the UTRGV training portal, click on the My Courses tab.  A list of all completed courses is available for you to print.  NOTE:  If you cannot see the list of completed courses, click on Archived.  If a course does not appear on the transcript (at all), please contact the training coordinator or presenter of the specific session. 

What if a training is not showing up?

Training Coordinators need to mark attendance in the Training Services website verifying that you have attended to be included in your transcript. Please contact the Training Coordinator pertaining to the posted session you have attended for further assistance. 

What happens if I don’t sign in at a workshop or a training?

It is very important that you sign in at every session you attend. This is how Training Coordinators verify that you have attended in order for them to mark attendance in the Training Services website.

 If you were unable to sign-in at a session, please contact the Training Coordinator pertaining to the posted session you attended for further assistance with obtaining attendance credit. 

E-Learn Employee Enrichment  

Can I access E-Learn from home?

Yes, by using the standard login steps and credentials for

Where can I get more information about Skillsoft mobile app and functionality?

Information on Skillport mobile application for smart phones can be found in Skillport Mobile.

How can I access the library?

You can access the library either through quick access by clicking on one of the icons that represents your area of interest, through the Library or by using the search feature located in the header. For more information, visit Browse and Search for Content.

How do I begin a course?

Select the title of the course that you want to play and click the “Launch” link located next to the title of the course.

How do I know if I have successfully completed a course?

A typical completion requirement is followed by a passing score.

Can I print a certificate?

Yes, by accessing Learning Transcript, you can print a certificate of completion for any asset you completed.

Is it possible to launch two courses simultaneously?

No. You can only launch one course at a time. If you click to play another course, the previous course will be replaced by the latest one accessed.

I have been accessing a course at various times, how do I remember what lessons I've accessed or completed?

Select Learning Transcript located in the Quick Links menu.

What if my question/issue is not contained within this list of FAQs?

For more information, visit Skillport 8i Learner Help.

*Note: A complete Shillport 8i Help Library is available on the E-Learn system website. The help icon is located on the top right side of the homepage.  

How would I know if my supervisor has assigned me a learning resource?

Supervisors are encouraged to inform their direct reports. Users will see assigned courses in the My Tasks section when logged in.

How can I access the learning resources assigned by my supervisor?

Your assigned learning resources will appear on your E-Learn home page on the left hand side under My Tasks and in your Learning Plan under Assigned Learning.

Does my supervisor need to approve the courses I want to take?

Employees are encouraged to have discussions with their immediate supervisors regarding their personal development plans, skills and competencies to perform their job effectively.

I supervise some part-time student employees. Can I assign them learning resources?

Yes. The feature is available to all employees of the university.

I am a supervisor but I don’t have access to the Manager Role. How can I get that role?

You must be listed officially as a supervisor in Employee Self Service. Please contact Training Coordinators at 956-665-7210 or 956-882-6550 or email at for further assistance.