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The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) is committed to providing accessible website information to all our users following the legal and regulatory requirements set forth in Section 508 Subsection 1194.22 of the amended Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Texas Administrative Code 206.70 Accessibility Standards (TAC 206.70). In furtherance of this commitment, UTRGV adheres to UT System policy, UTS 150 Access by Persons with Disabilities to Electronic and Information Resources Procured or Developed by The University of Texas System Administration and The University of Texas System Institutions.

If you are unable to or have difficulties accessing our website due to a disability, please contact the University’s Electronic Information Resources (EIR) Coordinator, listed below. If you wish to expedite the process, please indicate the nature of your accessibility problem, the specific web address for which the concern arises, the information you are seeking, the preferred format in which to receive material, and your contact information.

EIR Coordinator

Aubrey Murray, Office of Human Resources, Employee Relations Supervisor & EIR Coordinator

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PDF Accessibility

Some information on this site may be in the form of Adobe Acrobat® PDF documents. Refer to Adobe's website for information regarding tools to allow access to PDF files for people with disabilities. More information can be found on Adobe’s Accessibility site.

Have an accessibility question? Please see UTRGV’s Accessibility Services.