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UTRGV swears in newest SGA officers

SGA members

The newly sworn in executive officers of the UTRGV Student Government Association 2017-2018 are shown here at the inauguration ceremony, held at PlainsCapital Bank El Gran Salón on the Brownsville Campus. From left are Peter Averack, SGA vice president based in Edinburg; Alondra Lisset Galvan, president; and Gabriela Castorena, vice president based in Brownsville. (UTRGV Photo by Veronica Gaona)

By Vicky Brito

RIO GRANDE VALLEY, TEXAS – APRIL 28, 2017 – The UTRGV Office of Student Involvement swore in the newest officers of the UTRGV Student Government Association, Thursday, April 27, at the PlainsCapital Bank El Gran Salón on the Brownsville Campus.

The SGA serves as the official representation of the entire student body to address student concerns and petitions and participate in the overall policy and decision-making process of the university community.

The inaugurated members include:

  • Executive Officers
    Alondra Lisset Galvan, President
    Gabriela Castorena, Vice President, Brownsville Campus
    Peter Averack, Vice President, Edinburg Campus
  • Senators at Large, Brownsville Campus
    Ingrid de la Torre
    Ernesto Farias
  • Senators at Large, Edinburg Campus
    Louay Bachnak
    Carlo Flores
    Francisco Torres Diaz
    Erik Webster
  • Senator for Business and Entrepreneurship
    Alejandro Saldivar
  • Senator for Engineering and Computer Science
    Lauryn Brough
  • Senator for Health Affairs
    Cyana Arredondo
    Samantha Garcia
    Raul Ordonez
  • Senator for Liberal Arts
    Nayla Paredes
  • Senator for Sciences
    Joshua Balladares
    Deyanira Verdeja Sosa

Dr. Kristen Croyle, vice president for student success, welcomed the dozens who attended the event to honor the newest officers.

“This is so important and so special,” she said. “The SGA is a unified voice for the students – who aren’t really voiceless, but each voice only has a certain amount of power to make a difference because there are so many voices.”

Croyle said it is the duty of the SGA to represent each of those voices to spread the important messages that help make a difference.

The officers were sworn in by Marcelina Gutierrez, an SGA associate justice, and recited the oath of office.


Galvan, 20, is a criminal justice major and has dreamed of becoming SGA president.

“I am super excited,” she said. “I have been in SGA since my freshman year and it was a goal I gave myself – that my senior year, I would run for president.”

Galvan currently represents UTRGV on the UT System Advisory Council.

“Being in that group has helped me realize what other institutions were facing, and it got me wondering what issues UTRGV might have. So I did learn a lot with that group, and what we can and can’t do to help. I am hoping to bring that information here to UTRGV.”

Galvan said that as the official representation of the student body at UTRGV, the newly sworn in officers must listen to the needs of the students to make the university a positive environment.

“When the university wants to implement a new rule or policy, they ask for student input and the officers give input on how we think the students will adapt,” she said. “Our goal is to make our university better. Essentially, the duties of SGA are to be a bridge between university officials and the student body.”


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