UTRGV Center for Advanced Manufacturing Innovation and Cyber Systems contributes to build the world-class America manufacturing base. The center offers strategically restructured research, education, and workforce development programs, through which we prepare world-class engineers and workers who are acquainted with skills needed to operate, design, develop, and manage the advanced manufacturing processes and systems.

The mission of UTRGV CAMICS center is to integrate engineering disciplines that together support excellence in Advanced Manufacturing in South Texas Region, the U.S. and beyond. Through multiple external funded projects, we build strong research, education and exposure programs for defense materials and manufacturing, energy manufacturing and systems, leveraging our strength in Additive, Convergent and Transformative Manufacturing processes.

National Manufacturing Expo 2023

Events / Conferences

I-DREAM4D Defense Expo and Exhibition 2023

The consortium organizes regional career expo conferences each year. The location of the conferences will be rotated in the five regions the consortium serves (South Texas, Texas capital, Texas Alamo, Gulf Coast, Commonwealth of Virginia, and DC). The activities of each of the expos will include:
Innovation demos, videos, and special talks about defense manufacturing provided by students and faculty teams, engineers, and scientists from industry partners and defense labs.
Exhibits and Booths Networking with R&D experts from industry and universities

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