UTRGV Unsung Heroes


Omar MascorroOmar “Teddy” Mascorro slides open the glass door to his personal office space. Stacks of neatly organized paperwork take up much of the room on his desk. It’s early, but his inbox is already full of new emails with assignments for the day. It’s a challenge, but he doesn’t let it affect his upbeat attitude. He’s efficient and in his element.



Liliana SanchezIt’s finals week at UTRGV. The university library has extended its service time and has been open for 48 hours straight. The library is more crowded than usual with students, some looking tired and stressed, others energized and determined as they sift through pages of notes.

UTRGV librarian Liliana Sanchez has been in this situation herself, so she does all she can to comfort and assist students through chaotic periods.



Rolando Gonzalez Boxes and envelopes line the walls of a small room located inside the UTRGV Clinical Education building in Harlingen. The packages vary in size – the biggest, about the size of a table, and the smallest, the size of a birthday card.



Victor Garcia Sixty-one miles. That’s the distance between the UTRGV Edinburg Campus and the UTRGV Brownsville Campus. One hour. That’s the approximate amount of time it takes the university shuttle to make that trip. Six times a day, stops at UTRGV’s Harlingen locations lengthen the travel time.



Jose Tijerina The coolant plant on the UTRGV Edinburg Campus is a system of massive pipes through which 50,000 gallons of water flow constantly. The man responsible for the team that controls the waterworks stood observing his domain for a moment, then he nodded. A hint of a smile appeared, revealing his sense of accomplishment. For a man who loves to work, this is the perfect challenge for José Tijerina.