“The students participating had to ascend a near vertical learning curve on a topic which I am sure they had never known of. Nonetheless, they all approached the challenge very professionally and in the end delivered a highly polished proposal. I cannot praise enough their performance and, of course the guidance of Dr. Rhi-Perez and Mr. Emmanuel Torres… [T]he company I envision would provide an opportunity for RGV graduates to obtain good paying jobs locally and not have to emigrate north as historically has been the case.”

Mario Quijano, Founder of Quixote MES

Hassanali Espahbodi

“The CIC has been a tremendous helpmate and partnership to Janktafied Goodness LLC. I have had an amazing experience thus far. There has been many opportunities to learn, grow and share my real world experiences. The resources and expertise that I have been able to utilize are invaluable. Having enough man power has always been a growth area of my growing business. The CIC has helped fill that void in my company. Filling that void has been vital to the continued success and growth of my business. It feels like family.”

Lamar Jones, Creator of The Jank BBQ Sauce

Hassanali Espahbodi