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Zen Faulkes

Zen Faulkes, Ph.D.

Zen Faulkes, Ph.D.
SCSI 2.634
Office: (956) 665-2614

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BIOL 1401 General Biology
BIOL 3310 Neurobiology
BIOL 6324 Evolutionary Theory
BIOL 3302 Biological Writing
BIOL 4100 Seminar


Ph.D. University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. 1996.
M.S. None.


Areas of Interest

Neuroethology, evolution of nervous systems, sensory-motor integraton


I study brains, behavior, and evolution, mainly in crustaceans. Current projects include the biology of the parthenogenetic marbled crayfish; vision in digging sand crabs; responses to noxious high temperatures; escape responses, and; the trade in crayfish as pets.

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