Programs for Veterans

We are honored that you have chosen our university as your home for higher education and we hope to be of some assistance through your educational career here at UTRGV. We have various types of programs that can provide financial assistance for service members and eligible dependents. Below you will find specific programs listed that will direct you to their respective links. If at any time you have questions or concerns, please feel free to come visit our Military and Veterans Success Center (MVSC) or Student Financial Services Office.

You may click the links below to learn more about the programs for veterans available for eligible students pursuing a post-secondary education.

UTRGV offers the following programs for veterans:

  • Veterans Upward Bound
    • The University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley has been funded with a federal grant from Department of Education to help prepare eligible Cameron County veterans to access and pursue a program of higher education for FREE. The program will:
      • Provide all support services to access a post-secondary education
      • Provide intensive basic skills development in those academic subjects required for a successful completion of a high school equivalency program and for admission to post-secondary programs
      • Assist veterans in securing support services from other local resources, such as Veterans Affairs, state veterans services, veterans association, and other state and local agencies that serve veterans
  • Federal Education Assistance Programs
    • The MVSC is dedicated to certifying federal benefits, providing counseling services and providing quality assistance for veterans.
  • State Military Exemptions
    • Exemptions allow special groups of Texas residents or nonresidents to enroll and pay a reduced amount of tuition and fees.
  • State Military Waivers
    • Waivers allow special groups of nonresidents to enroll and pay a reduced nonresident tuition rate.
  • UTRGV Valley Heroes Memorial Scholarship
    • To honor the fallen Valley Heroes who served our country in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Free in Afghanistan, the university has established the UTRGV Valley Heroes Memorial Scholarship to be awarded to selected veteran students who have honorably served our country in active duty.

Veterans may also qualify for financial aid programs. For more information, head to the Financial Aid site.