Start a Sport Club

All clubs must first be recognized with the Office of Student Involvement as a general student organization before applying for membership into the UREC Sport Club Program. Student Involvement can be contacted at

Please check with the Sport Club Office prior to beginning the registration process to ensure that a duplicate club does not already exist. You can contact the Sport Club Office by emailing

  • Step 1

    Complete Student Involvement’s Request for Permission to Temporarily Organize Form

    • Download the form.
      • Complete all the fields in the form. Print it out. Get it signed by your advisor and yourself. If you do not have an advisor outside of UREC contact the Sport Clubs office at 956-665-7815.
      • Scan the form into your computer
      • Then log in to V Link with the same username and password as your UTRGV email.
        • Click "Organizations" at the top, then search for “Student Involvement”
          • Once on the Student Involvement page, click on "Forms" in the middle of the page
            • Click on the Request for Permission to Temporarily Organize form
              • Complete all the required fields and at the bottom of the page upload your completed form that you scanned in. Hit submit
  • Step 2

    Get Approval from Student Involvement

    Student Involvement will review your materials, ensure that your club does not duplicate an already existing one, ensure that all your members and advisor are actually enrolled or working at UTRGV, and potentially meet with you. Once all this is done they will sign off and your club will be temporarily approved.

  • Step 3

    Complete Constitution and fill out "Register a New Organization Form" on V Link

    There are certain items required in your club constitution by the university Handbook of Operating Procedures.

    • Download a Sample Constitution as well as a Checklist of items that are required in your constitution.
    • Once your constitution is good to go long into V Link like you did in Step 1.
      • Click “Organizations” at the top.
        • Scroll down on the page. On the left side under you will find the “Register a New Organization” Form, click on “Register” and complete the form.
          • You will be asked to upload your completed constitution and a financial statement.
            • Since you are a brand new club, just upload a blank word document with the words “No prior finances” typed on the first line.
  • Step 4

    Create your V Link Page

    Student Involvement will work with you to create a V Link page for your club.

    Make sure that your V Link page has the following:

    • Club description (basically a mission statement)
    • Practice, and meeting schedule- must say they are open to everyone
    • Contact information for club- Must be someone responsible who will respond.
    • Game/Tournament schedule (if competitive)
    • Social Media link- Keep social media posts appropriate
    • An up-to-date roster (You will have to invite members using their UTRGV email)
  • Step 5

    Apply to be a Sport Club with University Recreation

    Once your V Link page is created you can official apply to be a member of the University Recreation Sport Club program.

    • On the V Link organizations page search for "University Recreation"
      • Go to Forms in the middle of the page
        • Click on the Application for Acceptance into University Recreation Sport Club Program
          • Complete the form and hit submit.
    • After you submit your form you will be contacted by the Sport Club Office within 48 working hours to schedule a meeting. Upon completion of the meeting you will receive written notification within 1 business day of your acceptance, or reason for non-acceptance.
  • Step 6

    If accepted, schedule a meeting with the Sport Club Office to go over how to open your off-campus bank account.
  • Optional Step


    Non-Accepted clubs can appeal the decision to the Sport Club Council by completing the Sport Club Membership Appeal on V Link. You will be contacted within 48 hours of submission as to when your case will be heard. The Sport Club Council’s decision is final. You may reapply for membership at the beginning of each academic year. 

  • Sport Club Professional Staff Contacts