Join a Sport Club

Sports Clubs Provides a variety of opportunities for students to learn a new sport, network, live a healthy lifestyle and compete against other university clubs or varsity teams. Sport Club organizations meet regularly for practices, demonstrations, clinics, seminars, social activities and may compete regionally and nationally.

How to Join

All Sport Club information can be found on V Link!

  1. To join one of our current Sport Clubs simply log into V-Link using your UTRGV credentials
  2. At the top of the page click on “Organizations”
  3. Under “Filters” on the left side of the page click on “Categories”, scroll down and find the “Sport Club” category

This will present you with a list of all our current Sport Clubs! Simply click on the clubs you are interested in to learn how to join. All our clubs are required to post their meeting and practice times, and their contact information on their V-Link, so everything you need to join is right there! 


Sport Clubs bridge the gap between intramural and intercollegiate athletics by providing competition at specialized levels, participation in tournaments, and opportunities to practice.


Competitive clubs belonging to a national governing body may have specific membership requirements (enrollment status, age requirement, etc.) which must be followed and stated in the club constitution. In addition, Sport Club membership is restricted to only currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff of The University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley. (Alumni are ineligible for Sport Clubs.)

Clubs may determine their own membership rules in addition to the above, but they must be free of restrictions based on race, color, sexual orientation, religion, gender identify, *gender, age, national origin, or handicaps. Each club constitution must carry a statement to this effect.

*Gender specific clubs are allowed when there is a club for each gender.

Clubs may not, for any reason, deny membership to anyone based on his or her skill level. Clubs may designate “A” or “B” teams, traveling squads, etc. for the purpose of competition, but must consult the Sport Club Coordinator before designating such teams. In any case, all members must be in good standing with the University and the Department of University Recreation.

Varsity athletes are prohibited from club involvement in their sports.  Former Varsity athletes may be restricted from participation based on league rules. Please contact the Sport Club Office with any questions. 


  • Promoting leadership
  • Teaching fiscal management
  • Encouraging good sportsmanship
  • Creating new friendships


Clubs are student-led, student-run, and student-initiated. This philosophy puts the control into the hands of students, allowing an opportunity for valuable leadership experience.


Joining a club connects students who share similar interests, creating lasting friendships. The camaraderie of working toward a common goal creates memories and bonds that will last forever.