Sport Clubs

What are Sport Clubs?

Sport Clubs at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley are student led, student run, and student-initiated. This philosophy puts control into the hands of students, allowing an opportunity for valuable leadership experience. Sport Clubs begin as a general student organization and must apply to be part of UREC’s Sport Club program.

UREC Sport Clubs Definition: participation-based student organizations that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Members meet regularly to pursue an interest in competitive sports
  • Clubs with similar interests that have an equivalent competitive university program
  • Recreational physical activities

Sports Clubs provide a variety of opportunities for students to learn a new sport, network, live a healthy lifestyle and compete against other university clubs or varsity teams in leagues or tournaments. Sport Club organizations meet regularly for practices, demonstrations, clinics, seminars, social activities and may compete regionally and nationally.

We provide a fun, safe, and supportive learning environment in which participants can build a sense of community while participating in the sports they love. 

Benefits of Sport Club Membership

  • Promoting leadership
  • Teaching fiscal management
  • Encouraging good sportsmanship
  • Creating new friendships

Becoming a Sport Club under University Recreation entitles you to use of official University Recreation and select university logos, priority for space reservations within University Recreation facilities, assistance with funding for competitions/travel (if funds are available), apparel deals with Adidas, and the assistance and expertise of the UREC professional staff.