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  • What is the difference between Sport Clubs and Intramural Sports?

    Intramural Sports is definitely a great athletic experience at UTRGV, but if you are looking for the next level of competition and commitment, Sport Clubs are the way to go. Essentially Sport Clubs bridge the gap between Intramurals and Varsity Athletics.

    Clubs have the opportunity to travel more, practice more, compete against better competition, and the ability to map out exactly what you want to do athletically.

  • Who can participate in Sport Clubs?

    Any UTRGV student in good standing can participate with a Sport Club. Non-students can help support the team in a number of capacities, but are not allowed to compete for the club. Only currently enrolled students can participate in club competitions. 

  • Who would I compete against?

    Each competitive club typically has a National Governing Body (NGB) for their specific sport that organizes leagues, tournaments, and a national championship. Most Sport Clubs that are created have sister clubs at other colleges and universities that are also part of the NGB allowing competition amongst them. Who clubs compete against is decided entirely by the club itself and what leagues or events are available.

    National Governing Bodies

    • NIRSA Sponsored Sports
      • Basketball
      • Flag Football
      • Soccer
      • Tennis
    • Other National Governing Bodies
      • USA Rugby
      • USA Ultimate
      • USA Swimming
      • USA Underwater Hockey
      • CWPA- Water Polo
      • US Quidditch
      • NCBA- Baseball
      • NCSA- Softball
      • NCFA or ICFF- Football
      • NCTFA or NIRCA- Track & Field
      • NCVF- Volleyball
      • NCHL or ACHA- Ice Hockey
      • NCGCA- Golf
      • NSSA- Surfing
      • MLG- e-Sports
      • CBF- Fishing
  • What are the benefits of Sport Clubs?

    Some of the best benefits are the ability to continue to compete, work on leadership skills, socialize with others with similar interests, and to leave a lasting legacy here at UTRGV.

    The benefits of a Student Organization becoming a Sport Club are the ability to have first crack at UREC facility reservations, the help and support of the department with regards to paperwork and other tasks, and additional funding to help with travel, advertising, and more!

  • How are Sport Clubs funded?

    There are limited funds from University Recreation that Sport Clubs have the ability to apply for. As there are many clubs and limited funding all clubs are expected to cover the majority of their expenses through both fundraising and membership dues. Membership dues are set on a club-by-club basis based on the clubs individual goals.  Sport Clubs can also apply for funds from the Student Government Association. Please contact Student Involvement for more information.

  • Where can I find all the UTRGV Sport Club Rules

    UTRGV Sport Club Handbook (Updated version coming soon.)