Climbing Wall

Updated as of January 13, 2020

Climbing the wall


About the Wall

The Climbing Wall, offering 1,600 square feet of climbing space for bouldering, is located in our Edinburg location. To participate, climbers must have an active membership which includes the use of equipment. The hours of operation vary. The climbing wall is used for fitness, teaching, and recreation. It also offers students and members an opportunity to learn and hone their climbing skills in a friendly, encouraging, and experienced climbing environment. The 35-foot wall has a great deal of natural-looking features along with handholds to assist climbers. There are five routes on the wall to accommodate novice and advanced climbers. Workshops on technique building and competitions are scheduled throughout the year. All climbers are required to sign an additional release waiver and a code of conduct prior to use.


Drop by any time our climbing wall is open to boulder and work on your strength and flexibility on our indoor Bouldering Wall. Please read and follow all posted rules. Boulders will be issued a pass for boulder wall use after signing a waiver and watching a safety video.


UREC Mile High Climb

Duration: January 13 - May 7, 2020

  • UREC Mile High Climb is open to all UREC Members, 150 Repetitions equals one mile.
  • There is NO LIMIT to the number of climbs a member may log per day.
  • Occurring during our regular climbing wall hours of operations.
  • Our climbing wall attendants record the challenge.
  • Win an EXCLUSIVE T-SHIRT and iron-on patches for repeat climbers.


Belay Clinics

Schedule your appointment at our climbing wall.

Cost: $10 Per Person

Duration: 2 hours

Learn How To:

  • Put on a harness and properly tie in.
  • Perform pre-climbing safety checks and commands.
  • Effectively belay while the brake hand is maintained on the rope at all times.
  • Catch simulated falls and demonstrate the proper lowering technique.


Climbing Competitions & Challenges

  1. Climb for Love
    February 12-14 2020
    Occurring during our regular climbing wall hours of operation
    Instructions & Rules: 
      • Blind climb: climb a route to the top while blind folded
      • Date climb: bring a friend/partner and climb tied together
      • Receive a rose as a reward. Limit one prize per person
  2. Top Rope Competition
    March 21, 2020
    Competition will be set up through IM Leagues
    2 divisions of climbers - beginner and experienced                                                                               
    Awards given to the top 3 male and female climbers in each division