Climbing Wall

UREC mile high climb - 150 times = 1 mile - No maximum daily restrictions


About the Wall

The Climbing Wall, offering 1,600 square feet of climbing space for bouldering, is located in our Edinburg location. To participate, climbers must have an active membership which includes the use of equipment. The hours of operation vary. The climbing wall is used for fitness, teaching, and recreation. It also offers students and members an opportunity to learn and hone their climbing skills in a friendly, encouraging, and experienced climbing environment. The 35-foot wall has a great deal of natural looking features along with handholds to assist climbers. There are five routes on the wall to accommodate novice and advanced climbers. Workshops on technique building and competitions are scheduled throughout the year. All climbers are required to sign an additional release waiver and a code of conduct prior to use.


Drop by any time our climbing wall is open to boulder and work on your strength and flexibility on our indoor Bouldering Wall. Please read and follow all posted rules. Boulders will be issued a pass for boulder wall use after signing a waiver and watching a safety video.

Updated as of May 29, 2019

UREC Mile High Climb

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Climbing Competitions & Challenges

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