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The Fitness and Wellness department at University Recreation offers group exercise, personal training, and a variety of fitness equipment to promote health and well-being.  Our programs and services offered are intended to be interactive, fun, and educational.  Most of our programs are free or reduced costs for members. 

Participation in fitness programs and special events is purely voluntary and individuals participate at their own risk. Participants should be aware of the possibilities of bodily injury and should understand that they are responsible for any and all costs arising out of injury or property damage sustained through participation. Should someone become injured, please notify a program or facility supervisor for assistance. 

Shelter-in-place FAQs

How does exercise help us during isolation? 
Regular exercise is one of the most important things you can do for your health.  Exercise helps improve brain health, weight management, reducing disease, strengthening your bones and muscles, improving your ability to do everyday activities.  Most important during isolation, it can reduce depression, anxiety, and help you sleep better.

What risks should we have to be aware of when exercising at home?
Before starting a home workout, you should always consult with your physician, especially if you have any pre-existing conditions.  Once ready to start your home workout, you need to make sure you have a safe space.  Clear an area in your house where you can have ample room to move.  Try to avoid unnecessary distractions and allocate enough time for your workout. 

What type of equipment is needed to join the Virtual GX classes?
No equipment is required for virtual GX classes.  Optional equipment can be used for boxing skills and functional strength class.

Can I substitute equipment with other tools or materials I have at home?
Yes, for example, you can utilize water bottles for dumbbells, a broom for a barbell, a backpack for extra resistance during squats.

Do I need to do some kind of warm-up before joining any of the Virtual GX classes? 
No, a warm-up is included in all classes.

Online Resources

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