Student Employment

When you're hired to work for us you become a member of the #URECExpereince, meaning you are the very students who make all the great programs, facilities, and services operate with excellence. Each year, we recruit, hire, train, evaluate, and recognize Intramural Officials, Fitness Attendants, Lifeguards, Operations staff, and more! Experienced or not, you get your training and experience and sometimes depending on the position, even a certification. As the premier employment destination on campus, #URECExperience draws over 200+ student employee applications per year.

Each year we seek to hire the best of the best, so when you're competing with other applicants for a position, you need to be sure you have met all application expectations and requirements – present yourself as professional and polished as possible. And know why you want this job! We want individuals who are looking for a deeper experience, more than just a way to make money.

  • General Requirements

    • Good academic standing.
    • Completion of a criminal background check.
  • How to Apply

    • Review student employee positions.
    • Activate an account with Career Center.
    • Complete and submit UREC student employee application.
      • Resume
      • Cover Letter (If you are interested in a specific position you are strongly encouraged to submit a cover letter stating your skills, knowledge and desire for employment.)
      • Certifications
      • Class Schedule
    • Non-Domestic (International) students must visit the International Office to complete steps for employment.
  • Interview Process

    • Wait to be contacted by UREC for interview.
    • Prepare for your interview.
    • Accept/reject position if selected for hire.
  • You have joined the UREC family , now what?

    • Complete hiring documents.
    • Complete all additional trainings.
    • Communicate with your new supervisor.