Here you will find the answers to our frequently asked questions.  If you do not find the information that you are seeking, please feel free to email us at univ@utrgv.edu
  • Am I required to take UNIV 1301?

    Any UTRGV student can choose to take the UNIV 1301 Learning Framework course. Students who are REQUIRED to complete UNIV 1301 in their first year at UTRGV are those with an ACT composite below 19 (or an SAT verbal + math below 990) and a HS class rank below the top 25%.

  • How do I maintain my provisional status?

    You obtain Continued Provision Status
    After completing the first full term, a student who earns 12 credit hours and a 2.5 term grade point average (GPA) will not need to take UNIV 1301 during the next full term.

    You obtain a Waiver
    After completing the second full term, a student who has earned 24 credit hours and a cumulative GPA of 2.5 during the first two full terms will not need to take the course.

    Should you not meet the requirements of continued provision status then you will be required to enroll in the UNIV 1301 course. 

  • I have a UNIV hold on my account, what does that mean?

    There are three types of UNIV 1301 holds that may appear on your account:

    T4 UNIV Required: Students who have been identified as UNIV Mandatory will be given the T4 hold, “UNIV Required.” If a student has UNIV Required on his/her record, s/he must enroll in (and successfully complete) the UNIV 1301 Learning Framework course. This should be done as early as possible in his/her first year at UTRGV (Fall semester, if possible).  This hold will not prevent you from registering for the course.  It is merely a notification that you are required to enroll in UNIV 1301.

    T3 UNIV Conditional: Students identified as “UNIV Provisional” will be given the T3 hold, “UNIV Conditional.” If a student has UNIV Conditional on his/her record, s/he has the option of enrolling in the UNIV 1301 Learning Framework course, as long as s/he meets the conditions of the UNIV program.* If any of the conditions are not met, then the student becomes UNIV Mandatory; his/her T3 hold is replaced by the T4 UNIV Required hold, and the student must enroll in and successfully complete the UNIV 1301 Learning Framework course ASAP.

    T5 UNIV 1301 Advising Hold: This is the only one of the three UNIV holds that blocks a student from registering. This hold will only be placed in extreme cases when UNIV 1301 required students have failed to enroll in the course.

  • Why do I get a registration error when I try to enroll in UNIV 1301?

    UNIV 1301 is tailored to meet your specific academic needs.  Each UNIV 1301 course section is assigned to a specific UTRGV college.  If you have recently changed you major, a course override may be needed.  Should you receive an error message when trying to enroll in UNIV 1301, please contact univ@utrgv.edu.