UTRGV Color Palette

The university’s identifying colors are orange and gray, as specified below (also called “UTRGV Orange” and “UTRGV Gray”). Note that UTRGV Gray may be either the PMS spot color, “Cool Gray 10,” or 74% black, in process printing or a black-ink-only setting. The navy and green specified below may be used sparingly and only for minor accents. Orange and gray should be the dominant brand colors.

UTRGV Color Primary Palette

UTRGV Accent Color Palette

Pantone is a registered trademark of PANTONE, Inc. The colors shown on this page and throughout this manual are not intended to be an exact match for the PANTONE Color Standards. For the PANTONE Color Standards, refer to the current edition of the PANTONE Color Formula Guide. • All color builds are based on Adobe Illustrator’s interpretation of the PANTONE colors.