Applied Project Management (PM)


PM training focuses on the key elements for successful project management. It identifies the main components that must be effectively managed by a project manager: project scope, schedule and cost.It also identifies the constraints that may jeopardize the success of any given project: scarcity of resources, costs, and contingencies. Several methods are reviewed to plan for successfully dealing with these constraints during the execution of a project.

Training Information

Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • About Projects and Project Management
    • Role of the Project Manager
    • The Four Constraints (Performance, Cost, Time and Scope)
    • The Project Life Cycles
  • Exercising Leadership and Team Building
    • Dynamics of Leadership
    • Communications
    • Effective Meetings
    • Managing Conflict
    • Trend Management
  • Concept phase of Project Management
    • Voice of the Customer
    • Who is the Customer?
    • Tangible vs. Intangible Wants
    • House of Quality
  • Needs Identification and Project Definition
    • Problem Statement
    • Project Requirements Document
    • Statement of Work
  • Project Planning (Strategy and Implementation)
    • Introduction
    • Decision Making
    • Team Effectiveness
    • Risk Management
    • Financial Analysis (Capital budgeting, Financial Cash Flow, Risk and Return)
    • PM Tools: Work Breakdown Structure, Network Diagram, Critical Path Method, PERT chart, Gantt chart.
  • Maintaining Control During Execution
    • Schedule and Budget Variance Techniques
    • Project Reviews
    • Project Hand off
  • Bringing Project to Successful Closure
    • Close-out phase
    • Management Challenges at the end of projects
    • Elements of Closure

Hector Ramirez worked for 33 years in the Supply Chain and Manufacturing areas for the steel, earth moving and automotive industries. An Industrial Engineer with a Masters Degree on International Management, he held several positions within the organizations he's participated, including: Purchasing Manager, Supply Chain Department Head, Manufacturing Manager, Operations Facility Manager. Through his career Mr. Ramirez worked in several different countries, and besides his operating experience has participated or led multinational teams on green field plant construction projects, global product sourcing projects and IT systems re-engineering or implementation projects. His latest responsibility was the rehauling and start-up of a 500 employees automotive Tier 2 stamping facility.

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