Lean Six Sigma for Black Belt

TMAC’s Lean Six Sigma Program provides a systematic approach to combine the waste elimination methods of Lean with the variation reduction toolset of Six Sigma. The DMAIC process provides the overarching structure for project management, which helps insure that solutions are sustainable.

Students learn through a combination of lecture, student project presentations, exercises, case studies, and simulations. Instructors emphasize practical application of tools and methods.

The median payback for TMAC Black Belt projects is $150,000/year.

• Laptop computer with Minitab Software
• Students strongly encouraged to have a project

The price of training includes the following:
• Textbooks plus 3-ring binders with course materials each week
• Project coaching during timeframe when class is in session
• Certification review of project documentation after class is completed

Visit the TMAC Lean Six Sigma Website for more information: https://texasleansixsigma.com/

Week 1: May 18 - 21, 2020
Week 2: June 1 - 4, 2020
Week 3: June 22 - 25, 2020
Week 4: July 13 - 16, 2020

Online Training With Zoom

The LSS Black Belt class is a rigorous course incorporating both Basic and Advanced problem-solving methods. A partial list of tools covered includes:

  • Value-stream mapping
  • Little’s Law
  • Measurement system analysis
  • Process control & capability
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Kaizen
  • Pull systems
  • Regression
  • Setup reduction
  • Process balancing
  • Design of experiments

  • Basic Requirements for Certification

    • Successful completion of the appropriate training, Green or Black Belt.
    • One project in an acceptable format which is reviewed and evaluated by TMAC specialists.
    • Proof of savings - ROI (dollar amount, lead time, space, etc) when submitting the final project.

Russ Aikman has more than 30 years of experience in applying proven Continuous Improvement methods in both manufacturing and service. He has worked with smaller companies up to Fortune 500 firms and is especially adept at developing the problem-solving skills of his customers through a combination of training and coaching. Russ has deep knowledge of Lean Six Sigma (LSS), a structured approach to problem-solving focused on financial impact. His customers benefit not only from improvements to their processes but also to staff who leverage their LSS skills to become future leaders at their companies.

Areas of Expertise:

Russ Aikman is the Program Manager for Lean Six Sigma. Since starting the LSS Program at TMAC in 2003 he has taught dozens of classes and provided project coaching for over 700 individuals. In addition he has worked closely with managers at over 20 firms on program deployment challenges ranging from selecting projects to choosing candidates for training to sustaining results. A LSS Master Black Belt, he is qualified to teach all of the following classes:
• LSS Green Belt
• LSS Black Belt
• LSS Master Black Belt
• LSS Sponsor & Champion Workshop

"Todos los conceptos y herramientas aprendidas en Six Sigma me han ayudado bastante a entender mejor como hacer mejoras dentro de la empresa y poder lograr grandes cosas con todos ellos en equipo." 

- Sabino Torres (NIBCO)

"This is a course that I would recommend to everyone that would be interested in becoming more knowledgeable and familiar with the concepts of Six Sigma and its principles."

- Jesus Rios (Director of Telecommunication Services UTRGV)