Viviana Trevino

About Viviana Trevino

Viviana TrevinoValley native, Viviana Trevino is a curious microbiologist, gardener, writer, UTRGV graduate, and Lecturer in the Biology Department at UTRGV where she teaches a diverse set of the core Biology courses and serves as the Academic Coordinator for Anatomy & Physiology II laboratories. Additionally, Viviana is part of the Provenzano Bacterial Genetics Research Lab focusing on endemic Vibrio cholerae research. A lifetime along the Rio Grande River, and by the border has resulted in a unique outlook and cultural identity that resonates with UTRGV students and faculty alike.

Course Redesign Project and Experience

Ms. Trevino redesigned her Biology II course. It was a challenge to redesign the course but it allowed her to really evaluate what information is important enough to keep and rearrange to meet the student learning objectives. Additionally, in a way, it helped her to understand how to better structure the content in a way that makes sense and is easy to unpack based on the two different presentation styles and her own.

Student Feedback

Her students were generally relieved (a sigh of relief was actually heard when this announcement was made) not to have to purchase the book after hearing the announcement. They expressed so much relief not to have to expend great deals of money on their textbook and accompanying materials, This in itself provided all the reasoning and purpose for the complete course redesign.


Ms. Trevino believed taking on this project was a worthwhile endeavor benefiting both the students and herself. It provided her the opportunity to analyze how the course's structure presentation differed from the various textbooks and worked to identify the most effective methods for the delivery of the information.

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