Welcome from the Director

High School to University Programs and Testing Services is creating opportunities for success. We are part of the Division of Student Success at UTRGV and together we are building a dynamic department with a vibrant community. I invite you to share the experience with us. Located at the Community Engagement and Student Success Building 1407 E. Freddy Gonzalez Drive (Corner of Freddy Gonzalez Drive and Expressway 281). Our department combines a modern testing facility, student-oriented hospitality for high school students, proud sponsors of the renowned Advanced Placement Summer Institutes, and a great training facility for educators and the community.

We pride ourselves on TEAM work and collaborate with school districts, teachers, professors, students, parents, and the community. Students can earn college credit by examination or advanced placement. Also, educators may gain professional development or continuing education via certificates and if interested in the substitute training, you may get certified and work in local districts. Our office schedules are year round or via the internet to accommodate the busy lives of our students and participants.

Our partnerships with school districts, businesses and higher education institutions provide a wealth of opportunities for our students, community, faculty and staff. Please join us as we make a positive impact on the future of our community through the basic building blocks of knowledge.