University Sustainability Council

The Structure

The University Sustainability Council helps build a comprehensive program for sustainability on campus, bridging the gap between existing traditions and new generations of students, while creating connections to national and international sustainability organizations and efforts. The goal of the USC is to examine issues across a broad array of academic, administrative, and operational programs at UTRGV. The USC will build on the university’s impressive expanse of academic expertise, infrastructure, and archival resources to extend sustainability across all eleven colleges and schools’ curriculum, and thereby increase the number of UTRGV graduates who have developed a basic understanding of sustainability. The USC has developed several initiatives to aid in these endeavors, such as a website devoted to increasing environmental literacy and plans for a speaker series on sustainability issues. Currently UTRGV’s University Sustainability Council is in the process of reforming based on the successes of its legacy institutions. More information will added as process moves forward.

UTRGV is continuing the work of its legacy institutions in establishing leadership roles, not only in incorporating concepts of sustainability into university practice, but also in the creation, dissemination, and application of new areas of academic scholarship in the emerging field of sustainability.  The USC is comprised of 15 committees, which fall under the three broad categories of Leadership, Education, and Operations.

Leadership Energy Conservation
Research Facilities
Marketing Transportation
Outreach Purchasing
Education Dining Services
Curriculum Materials, Recycling, & Waste
Co-Curricular Education Landscape & Grounds
Health & Wellness Information Technology
Athletics Operations

These task force working groups are comprised of university personnel and community members. The members of the Council serve as the chair for each of the working group sub-committees. They also serve as a voice for their particular campus constituency to ensure that the voices of the entire campus community are heard with regard to their critical sustainability issues.  The members of the Council must represent all aspects of sustainability on campus, including economic and social equity  as well as environmental issues.

  • The Council --  Under Development
  • Campus Sustainability Action Plan-- Under Development
    The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley 10 year Sustainability Campus Action Plan (SCAP) is due for renewal in 2020. The Sustainability Council will begin meeting to review and align a new Sustainability Campus Action Plan 2020-30 with the new university strategic plan.