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We create professional-level multimedia productions on a scheduled basis that serve the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and the community at large. The goal of our radio programming is to produce stories that inform, educate and enlighten our audience.

The radio program is a student-driven media platform. Working in this program, students follow broadcast and ethical standards and gain professional, hands-on broadcast experience that prepares them for careers in the broadcast industry.

Our organization creates awareness of the diverse and changing nature of the modern media landscape while developing esprit de corps among current members and radio alumni.

Fall 2019 Newscasts

Fall 2019 Newscasts
Nov. 25 Nov. 18

Fall 2019 Newscasts
Nov. 11 Nov. 4 Oct. 28 Oct. 21

Fall 2019 Newscasts
Oct. 14 Oct. 7 Sept. 30 Sept. 23


Fall 2019 Newscasts
Sept. 16 Sept. 9 Sept. 3 Aug. 26