Policies and Academic Information

Resource Description
Calendar Hub: Academic Calendar and Final Exam Schedule Important dates and deadlines for registration, courses, final exams, grading period, and more.
Academic Integrity Procedure information and forms for faculty and staff regarding students showing signs of distress, disruptive behavior, or academic dishonesty. The student does not need to be violating any University rules or regulations for you to be concerned.
Graduate Catalog Visit the Graduate Catalog website to learn about graduate curriculums of the university's eleven academic colleges and schools.
Hazing Violation Hazing with or without the consent of a student is prohibited by the University and by the UT System. Both the hazer and the victim are subject to discipline. Visit the website for more information.
Student Travel Forms Student Travel Forms for both domestic and international travel.
Student Enrollment Forms Change of Major, Residency, Withdrawals, et cetera.
Vaquero Honor Code Set of principles that the university and its constituents abide.