Mascot Team

Meet the Vaquero

  • Scarf

    The scarf features the half-rider logo against an orange background. Traditionally, the scarves were worn to protect against the sun, wind and dirt. Today, the scarf is worn to represent working Vaqueros.
  • Vest

    The vest features the UTRGV Athletics symbol of the “V” on the buttons, which match the symbol on the back of the vest representing school spirit and pride.
  • Gloves

    The gray and orange gloves symbolize strength and power. They represent Vaqueros building the future of the region and Texas.
  • Shirt

    The white shirt represents the beginning of UTRGV, which was built through hard work and determination.
  • Boots

    A modern style of the classic cowboy boot, these feature elements that are unique to the region and UTRGV. The blue stitching along the boot represents the flowing Rio Grande River which signifies the ever-changing growth in the region and connects the U.S. to Mexico.

    The boot handles showcase three stars. The blue star represents legacy institution UT Brownsville, the green star represents legacy institution UT-Pan American and the orange star represents the union of both to create UTRGV.

Student designers from the theater department helped design the outfit the mascot will wear based on the look of our region and research about real vaqueros. Students voted for the symbols included int he outfit and designed all the costume pieces.