UTRGV Royals

UTRGV Royals

Do You Want to be a Part of Tradition?

Applications are NOW open for UTRGV Royals. All currently enrolled students are encouraged to submit their applications to be considered in this coveted role. 

Apply today: 2020 UTRGV Royal Application

UTRGV Royals are role models that exhibit qualities such as scholastic achievement, leadership, citizenship, character, communication skills and emulate the spirit of the university.  Through the UTRGV Royals, Student Activities and the Spirit Program has the opportunity to showcase a few of the many outstanding students at UTRGV. The court will be comprised of the 3 top candidates. Throughout Homecoming Week, all eligible students running for a coveted spot, will participate in a variety of events and the winners will be announced during the Homecoming Basketball game.  

UTRGV Royals will be chosen based on academic performance, co-curricular involvement, contributions to the University and community, school spirit and a student vote.  


Students must meet the following requirements in order to hold a UTRGV Royal position:

  1. All students must attend a Homecoming Royals information session.
  2. Undergraduate students must be enrolled in at least twelve (12) credit hours during their fall and spring semesters.
  3. Graduate students must be enrolled in at least six (6) credit hours during their fall and spring semesters.
  4. All students must have and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.8 or higher at UTRGV.
  5. All students must be in good standing with the University (academic and/or disciplinary).
  6. All students must submit 3 recommendation letters from a professor/advisor or organizations that they are involved in.
  7. Previous UTRGV Royals may not apply.