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The DSS Committee is comprised of student leaders, faculty and staff of The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Student membership is comprised of 2 students at large representing the Edinburg and Brownsville campus, a graduate student and an SGA Representative. Students interested in participating in the committee should submit their name and information on the form below.


  1. Introduce the university community and the Rio Grande Valley to world-class speakers through various formats
    1. General University forum with students, faculty and staff
    2. Luncheon/Dinner with selected students
    3. Evening venue to South Texas community 
  2. Offer a once in a lifetime experience for UTRGV students
  3. Complement the academic experience through lectures, workshops, master classes and seminars
  4. Provide opportunities that allow for the appreciation of others’ views, opinions and ideas.


List of DSS Committee Members
The first column lists the name of the DSS committee members. The second column provides the position within the committee.
Name Position
Isai Llanos Student-At-Large (Edinburg)
Victoria Lozano Student-At-Large (Brownsville)
Vacant Graduate Student
Diana Saldaña SGA Student Representative
Aje-Ori Agbese Faculty Representative
Amy Cummins Faculty Representative
Marisa Campirano University Advancement Representative
John Sargent Committee Chair
Elianey Moya Program Coordinator, Student Activities (ex-officio)
Cindy Mata-Vasquez Director for Student Activities (ex-officio)