Campus Connect

Objective: An important element in the development of UTRGV was consideration of and attention to how to best coalesce our campuses and develop a collective identity. Recognizing that there is still much work to be done in this area, we are launching a new Campus Connect initiative, which picks up on two separate initiatives that were started informally last year. Campus Connect will work to promote greater consistency in programs and services of all types for students, faculty, and staff across UTRGV’s multiple campuses. To do this, the committee will examine academic programs; recruitment, retention, and completion; campus life; and administrative services. Recognizing that operational efficiency and effectiveness can best be promoted by balancing centralization with autonomy, Campus Connect will work to ensure that UTRGV’s needs as a whole, as well as the distinct needs of each campus community, are equitably addressed.

Contact: If you are interested in serving on the Campus Connect committee, please email Dr. Mark Kaswan. The committee's chair is Dr. Nikkie Hodgson.


March 19, 2019

The Campus Connect Committee (C3) shared a summary report detailing three areas of focus: Communication, Academics, and Leadership Visibility and Presence. Included in the report were suggestions on how to address each of these areas:

  • Communication - the Campus Connect co-chairs, in coordination with the President’s Office, are working to design a webpage to serve as a one-stop shop for faculty and staff resources.
  • Academics - Academic Affairs has completed a technical review of all undergraduate academic programs to identify curricular roadblocks that may be impeding student retention and time-to-graduation. The primary focus of this work was to identify course and program inefficiencies as evidenced through an analysis of course scheduling, course enrollment patterns, program road maps, and similar sources of information. The colleges are now in the process of addressing findings in order to ensure transparency for UTRGV students. Furthermore, a database of course offerings over the past two years has been created to identify any gaps or issues. The database has been compiled and was shared at a retreat on March 6 with deans, associate deans, and chairs. The committee is conducting an analysis to determine action items. Included in this analysis will be recommendations for “Signature Programs” that are campus based. These efforts will provide the needed transparency in course and program offerings so students can make sound educational decisions. The committee will continue to share updates as they become available.
  • Leadership Visibility and Presence - ensuring leadership at all levels is visible and available across all campus locations continues to be a priority. Specific recommendations will be forthcoming.

November 30, 2018

The Campus Connect Committee (C3) hosted a kick-off retreat on November 2. The purpose of the C3 is to promote greater consistency in programs and services of all types for students, faculty, and staff across UTRGV’s multiple campuses. The initial three-hour working retreat was facilitated by Dr. Nikkie Hodgson (C3 chair), Dr. Selma Yznaga, Dr. Mark Kaswan, and Michael Aldape. Approximately 60 faculty and staff members were invited to take part in the retreat. The meeting began with a welcome from Dr. Patricia McHatton. Dr. Kaswan provided an overview on strategic initiatives currently underway. Drs. Hodgson and Yznaga and Mr. Aldape provided an overview of the charge of the C3 and the purpose of the retreat. The group engaged in an affinity mapping exercise during which several opportunities and solutions were identified and discussed and possible champions for each opportunity area were identified. The next step for C3 is to compile results and submit a summary report to Dr. McHatton in the coming weeks. She will review results and reach out to individuals identified as champions for each opportunity in order to discuss further action. The next C3 meeting is scheduled for early spring.