From: President Bailey

Subject: Transforming Our World Campus Climate Survey: Your Voice Matters

The Transforming our World Strategic Plan includes a focus on promoting a welcoming, inclusive and nurturing campus climate, along with values around engagement, shared governance, leadership, inclusion, and well-being. In response to these goals/values, UTRGV hired ModernThink, LLC, to conduct an institution-wide, customized Faculty/Staff Engagement Survey and a Student Engagement Survey for UTRGV. This survey will assess our progress in the aforementioned areas and will allow us to develop a plan to strengthen our campus climate.

The survey is voluntary and completely confidential. Your responses will go directly to, and processed by, ModernThink, an independent research and consulting firm that specializes in workplace excellence. UTRGV will not be given any information in a way that would enable them to trace answers back to a specific person — even if you are part of a small demographic group. ModernThink will not report any results from demographic categories containing fewer than five respondents. For questions about how ModernThink will be protecting your confidentiality, you may contact them directly at (888) 684-4658 or at

On Monday, March 26, 2018, the survey will be distributed to all full-time faculty, full-time staff, and enrolled students. You will receive an invitation with details about the survey and how to log on. This invitation will be sent to you via email from ModernThink.

When you receive the invitation, we strongly encourage you to take a moment to complete the survey. This is a chance to make your voice heard, and a high response rate helps ensure an accurate representation of our UTRGV community. The survey is mobile-friendly and can be completed on a PC/laptop, tablet, or smart phone, and even at home.

At the close of the survey, UTRGV will receive reports that summarize the organizational competencies and relationships that most directly impact and influence our culture. The data we receive from this survey will be helpful as we continue the process of creating the best climate possible.

We encourage everyone’s participation and hope you will take this opportunity to share your honest feedback. Thank you, in advance, for your participation. Please visit for a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding the survey and/or the survey process, please do not hesitate to contact Liz Flood, Project Manager at ModernThink, at (888) 684-4658 or

Climate Survey Timeline - With Stake holder Meeteings from Feb - Mar 2018, Survey Development Mar-Apr 2018 University-wide Results Shared Fall 2018, Develop Action Plans Fall 2018-Spring 2019, and Follow up Survey 2021