Campus Climate Action Plans

Tranforming Our World | Campus Climate Survey Results

UTRGV’s Transforming our World Strategic Plan includes a focus on promoting a welcoming, inclusive, and nurturing campus climate, along with values around engagement, shared governance, leadership, inclusion, and well-being. To facilitate this objective, UTRGV hired ModernThink, LLC to conduct an institution-wide customized Faculty, Staff and student Engagement Survey. A steering committee comprised of staff and faculty was created to collaborate with ModernThink, LLC, to develop a survey suitable to our campus. The voluntary climate survey for full-time staff and faculty was administered electronically from March 26, 2018 to April 13, 2018. The Campus Climate Survey afforded an opportunity for faculty and staff to provide confidential feedback. All responses received resulted in a 50% response rate. The responses to the Campus Climate Survey were compiled and shared with faculty and staff at town hall meetings facilitated by ModernThink consultant Rich Boyer in October 2018.  Specific division and departmental results were provided to the respective leadership to review.

Action Plan Creation

From January to April 2019, division and departmental meetings took place university wide to review the results of the survey at the institutional, divisional, and departmental levels.  Campus Climate Liaisons met with departmental and senior leadership to plan the best approach to disseminate the survey results within their areas. Leadership met with their respective areas to deliver results and analyze their scorecards.  Each area was expected to disseminate the scorecards to all members of their faculty and staff to discuss possible opportunities in their departments. Each department or division was tasked with creating a least two (2) action plans based on the individual scorecards for their areas. The departments and divisions were instructed to create action plans that were within their scope of authority and able to be executed by the end of March 2020. Departmental leaders were responsible to turn in their action plans to Dr. Patricia McHatton, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, by April 15, 2019.
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