Assessment of the Strategic Plan

Ongoing Review and Assessment of the Strategic Plan

A key expectation set forth in the Principles of Accreditation of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) is the systematic assessment of the institutional Mission, goals, and expected outcomes articulated through the strategic plan (Core Requirement 2.5).  UTRGV is firmly committed to this principle, as we believe that institutionalizing such a process not only results in continuous improvement, but it also provides measurable evidence of our progress toward successfully implementing our strategic plan (including achieving our Mission and fulfilling our Vision); indicates when mid-course corrections are necessary; and creates opportunities for ongoing and engaged two-way communication with UTRGV stakeholders.

At the time of finalizing our inaugural strategic plan, we started its initial operationalization through creating the SPRC mentioned in Section 7.A. (Community Participation and Support), which will be responsible for outlining a five-year implementation plan and assessment process to identify action steps; timelines; key performance indicators (KPIs) based on the sample metrics and other milestones; necessary institutional and financial resources; and members of an implementation team, comprised of individuals or offices responsible for overseeing the corresponding components and initiatives.  The UTRGV Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs (or designee) will serve as Chair of the SPRC, which will consist of members representing faculty, administrators, staff, students, and the community.

The goals, initiatives, and action steps will be prioritized and balanced over the five-year implementation and assessment timeframe, with the allocation of institutional resources following the framework discussed in the previous section (Section 8 – Alignment of the Strategic Plan with Fiscal Policies and Budget Planning).  Moreover, the SPRC will work closely with stakeholders to evaluate and report the progress to determine any necessary mid-course revisions to successfully achieve our Mission and fulfill our Vision.

The Office of Accreditation and Assessment, in coordination with Strategic Analysis and Institutional Reporting where appropriate, will be responsible for coordinating and assisting with ongoing assessment activities, such as scheduling meetings; documenting activities; preparing reports relevant to the progress of the implementation of the strategic plan; collecting data as requested by the SPRC; and maintaining the strategic plan website.

Review Timing and Progress Reports

As indicated in Section 7.A. (Community Participation and Support), there will be multiple opportunities to evaluate and report on the progress of the implementation plan. These reports will summarize key findings, recommendations, successes, and challenges, including relevant contextual considerations.  Data collected will inform the need for intervention or support for goals and initiatives that are not on track to meeting targets. They will also provide opportunities to revise goals and initiatives of the strategic plan, if deemed necessary.  Finally, these reports will provide a basis for updating or extending the strategic plan.  The authority to approve an updated version of the strategic plan will rest with the Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs in consultation with UTRGV’s President.