Campus Climate & Professional Development & Growth for Faculty & Staff

Campus Climate & Prossional Development & Growth for Faculty & Staff
  1. Executive Summary

    Fulfilling UTRGV's Mission, Vision, and core priorities will ultimately depend on our ability to recruit, retain, and support excellent and diverse faculty and staff members from the region and beyond.  As such, we will invest in the success of our faculty and staff at every stage of their careers, through a variety of initiatives in the areas of recruitment and retention; faculty and leadership development; recognition and rewards; climate and well-being; and engagement and empowerment. These initiatives are in line with UT System’s Quantum Leaps of Winning the Talent War, The American Leadership Program, as well as Enhancing Fairness and Opportunity. Our programmatic structure reflects a comprehensive and holistic approach to faculty and staff development to meet the needs at the personal and professional levels. Research has shown that a holistic approach to employee development leads to greater productivity, satisfaction, and retention.

  2. Goal

    Cultivate a welcoming, inclusive, and nurturing climate for all faculty and staff.

  3. Key Initiatives

    • Increase recruitment and retention of excellent and diverse faculty and staff.

    • Enhance professional and leadership development opportunities for faculty, staff, and administrators.

    • Strengthen initiatives to recognize and reward faculty and staff excellence.

    • Foster a supportive and family-friendly climate and work-life balance.

    • Engage and empower faculty and staff through shared governance, accountability, and transparency.

  4. Sample Metrics
    • Faculty and staff retention rates.

    • Number of faculty and staff participating in professional development programs/trainings.

    • Initiatives to recognize and reward faculty and staff excellence.