Research Impacting the Rio Grande Valley & Beyond

Research Impacting the Rio Grande Valley & Beyond
  1. Executive Summary

    UTRGV is positioned to be a model of a distributed research university with a broad base of excellent faculty; a community of primarily Hispanic and first-generation college students (a community that is representative of a significant and growing population in the U.S.); a network of facilities across the RGV; leadership in population health and community engagement; and characteristics of a land-grant, sea-grant, and space-grant institution (although it is not officially designated as such).  Consequently, UTRGV is structured to nurture and support its existing faculty and students and to strategically attract and retain scholars and artists who are ready to collaboratively address cultural, scientific, technological, and socioeconomic issues of the region and the world through research, innovations, discoveries, and creative works.  This core priority serves as an important complement to several UT System Quantum Leaps, including those related to faculty recruitment and advancement (Winning the Talent War); student success (Student Success); diversity, access, and inclusion (Enhancing Fairness and Opportunity); and key state and national priorities (UT Health Enterprise and UT Network for National Security).

  2. Goal

    Increase the number and productivity of faculty and students engaged in research and creative work that improves the lives of people in the RGV and beyond.

  3. Key Initiatives

    • Attract and retain scholars engaged in research and creative work that address challenges and generates opportunities for the RGV and beyond.

    • Build a research enterprise, including shared equipment infrastructure, research services, graduate programs, and undergraduate research opportunities that empower the generation of knowledge, discoveries, and creativity.

    • Organize and streamline professional development programs for scholars to advance their grantsmanship, research, artistic training, and communication skills.

    • Increase research opportunities and support structures for UTRGV students to enrich their educational experiences to become the next generation of innovative researchers and entrepreneurs.

  4. Sample Metrics
    • Research facilities.

    • Research expenditures.

    • Peer-reviewed publications, presentations, and creative performances/exhibitions.

    • Community-based research partnerships.