Staff Senate FAQ

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Staff Senate provides an excellent opportunity to become further engaged with the institution, while representing colleagues in your division. The Staff Senate serves as a liaison between staff and the administration, faculty and students. The Senate’s mission is to support the professional growth and interests of staff by helping to create a positive and supportive work environment focused on the overall success of the university. As you nominate yourself or your peers for possible participation in the Staff Senate, please review the following frequently asked questions and answers. If you have further questions, please email us at

  • If I am elected, what are my responsibilities?

    Senators are responsible for attending regular monthly meetings where they will have the opportunity to speak on behalf of colleagues throughout their division. Further, Senators are responsible for communicating information back to colleagues who cannot attend in person.  Senators are also expected to participate on Staff Senate committees and work on committee projects.
  • If I am elected, who is my constituency?

    Senators are elected to represent all staff within their respective divisions, regardless of campus location or job title/classification. Senators do not represent specific departments or offices; they represent the entire division in which they are elected.
  • When and where will meetings be held?

    The Staff Senate will be responsible for creating a calendar of regular, monthly meetings, taking into account equal distribution of meetings between UTRGV campuses.
  • How long is a term on the Staff Senate?

    The UTRGV Staff Senate Constitution defines terms as being three years in length, with at least one term expiring in each division every year.  This allows divisions to have new representation annually.  Newly created divisions will elect Senators in staggered term lengths of one, two, and three years to ensure one term expires each year.
  • I am not sure that I have enough time to serve. What is the time commitment?

    As a Senator, your job is always your first priority; Senate work should never interfere with your daily responsibilities. The Senate will work to create a calendar that is flexible and fair with regard to work schedules. Senators typically require no more than four hours per month to attend regular meetings and participate in Senate-sponsored events.  Due to the importance of staff commitment in the Senate, supervisors will be encouraged to support their employees’ participation.

  • I may not be able to attend every meeting, but still want to participate. What can I do?

    UTRGV is committed to expanding educational opportunities through new and innovative technology; therefore, the Staff Senate carries this forward by incorporating audio and visual technology into its regular meetings.  This allows Senators to attend meetings through WebEx in Edinburg, Brownsville, and Harlingen.