Assessment & Evaluation


The Office of Assessment & Evaluation coordinates, organizes, tracks, and reports on the evaluative functions of the School of Medicine. It exists to ensure the appropriate evaluation and assessments of medical students and faculty throughout all 4 years of the undergraduate medical education curriculum.


  • Course and Teaching Evaluations
    Medical students regularly evaluate courses, facilitators, physicians, residents, and peers as a required part of the curriculum. Insight gained from evaluations is disseminated to School of Medicine faculty and administration to improve the quality and outcomes of the curriculum, and to review and support residents and faculty involved in teaching.
  • Student Performance Evaluations
    Medical students routinely receive structured, objective feedback throughout their medical education. The Office of Assessment & Evaluation assist faculty in creating and deploying assessments, and in tracking student progress throughout the curriculum.
  • Focus Groups
    Groups of medical students in all 4 years of the curriculum are regularly selected at random to participate in focus groups moderated by the Office of Assessment & Evaluation to gather additional qualitative information for continuous quality improvement efforts.


  • Subject Exams
    The Office of Assessment & Evaluation works with course and clerkship faculty and coordinators to administer standardized exams from the National Board of Medical Examiners to measure student performance.
  • High Stakes Exams
    OAE also supports modules and clerkships in administering internally developed mid-term and final exams. OAE also coordinates the administration of practice exams for the USMLE Step 1 exam.

Contact Us:

Debra Stark, PhD
Assistant Dean for Assessment, Evaluation & Quality Improvement
Phone: 956-296-1452

Monica Alaniz McGinness, PhD
Medical Education Evaluation & Assessment Manager
Phone: 956-296-1706

Ray Howard
SOM Continuous Quality Improvement Manager

Sandra Barba
Evaluation, Assessment & Testing Analyst
Phone: 956-296-1906