Sample Student Presentations

Sample Student Presentations about Environmental Public Health at the U.S.-Mexico Border* 

Marcel Elizondo, MPH Candidate

Texas A&M Health Science Center, School of Public Health
Harlingen - July 2009
"Pesticide Exposure and Neurodevelopment in the Fetus"

Erica Peppers, MPH
Hispanic-Serving Heath Professions School (HSHPS) - Fellowship
Harlingen - July 2008
"Identifying Potential Contributory Occupational, Environmental, and Pharmacologic Exposures in Dialysis Patients"

Lisbeth Iglesias-Rios, MS, LADAC
Hispanic-Serving Health Professions School (HSHPS) - Internship
Harlingen - August 2009
"Health Care Access and Barriers for Undocumented Mexican Farm-Workers in Texas"

Virginia Black, MPH Candidate
Ohio State University
Harlingen - July 2009
"Complementary and Alternative Medicine"

Jacquia Fenderson, MSIV
University of Rochester School of Medicine
Katarzyna Alderman, MPH Candidate
University of Washington
Bonnie Burlingham, MPH Candidate
University of Washington
Darci Eswein, MPH Candidate
Tulane University
Chioma Ndubisi, MS IV
University of Rochester School of Medicine
Harlingen - April 2008
"Overview of STEER Experience"

*STEER is not responsible for the content contained in these presentations.