Student Comments

The students who have participated in the STEER program shared some of their thoughts on their experience with the program.

“No other elective in my residency training provided the quality of education and experience in the Public Health/Environmental Health field that the STEER program has provided me. By the end of the rotation, I decided to get actively involved in Environmental and Public Health issues in the South Texas border area... I will pursue a Master’s degree in Public Health.”

“It is not easy to forget the people that have inspired me, the poverty I have witnessed, or the issues I have learned about in this journey. As a medical student, I got bogged down by all the science coursework and often lost sight of the bigger picture. This program has helped me remember that there is a world out there that needs me to continue working to make a difference.”

“Uniquely the best program I have attended in my academic career. It taught me invaluable information that will stick with me for a lifetime.”

“It is difficult in medical school to see beyond the walls of the clinic or hospital. We treat patients for diseases and never once in a setting they choose. After medical school I was planning a career in an internal medicine sub-specialty. Now I am looking more closely at the prospect of a career as a primary care physician. STEER has also helped rekindle my interest in Public Health. STEER taught me about environmental/border health, but also it helped me rediscover my love for public health, community service, and serving the underserved.”

“The issues facing South Texas are in large measure those facing the nation and, more importantly, the planet. I wish that all of my colleagues, indeed all Americans, could have this kind of experience.”

“I believe that experiences like this internship are transforming. If we are truly defined as a collection of our experiences, then the past month has been one of the most enriching times of my life. I have been educated, I have been humbled, I have been touched, I have been inspired, and I have been called to action.”

“A phenomenal eye opener.”