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Blangero, John Neurodevelopment: Genes, Environment and their Interactions 08/01/15 - 05/31/18 NIMH R01 MH107248
Blangero, John Pedigree-based whole genome sequencing of affective and psychotic disorders 03/01/15 - 02/28/19 NIMH U01 MH105632
Blangero, John Gene networks influencing psychotic dysconnectivity in African Americans 12/10/14 - 11/20/19 NIMH (Yale) R01 MH106324
Blangero, John and Curran, Joanne Whole genome sequencing to identify causal genetic variants influencing CVD risk 04/15/12 - 03/31/18 NHLBI R01 HL113323
Blangero, John and Curran, Joanne Examination of sequence variants in large human pedigrees 11/12/15 - 11/12/18 Eli Lilly Contract
Curran, Joanne Telomere length dynamics in relation to changes in adiposity and metabolic risk 09/23/16 - 08/31/21 NIDDK R01 DK111201
Curran, Joanne (subcontract PI) A neurobehavioral family study of schizophrenia 04/01/00 - 12/31/18 NIMH R01 MH961622
Duggirala, Ravindranath Genetics of type 2 diabetes in Indian populations: US-India Collaboration Project 04/08/16 - 03/31/18 NIDDK R21 DK105913
Duggirala, Ravindranath and Blangero, John Discovery of functional variants in type 2 diabetes genes in Mexican Americans 05/01/15 - 04/30/19 NIDDK

U01 DK085524

Göring, Harald A genetic study of blood metabolites and their relationship to diabetes risk 09/01/13 - 06/30/18 NIDDK R01 DK099051
Johnson, Matthew and Williams-Blangero, Sarah Genetic epidemiology of ocular health and disease 06/01/14 - 05/31/19 NEI R01 EY024384
Mummidi, Srinivas Impact of disease associated noncoding polymorphisms on post-transcriptional gene regulation 04/01/16 - 03/31/20 NIAID R01 AI119131
Williams-Blangero, Sarah Caribbean Primate Research Center 01/15/16 - 11/30/20 OD/U Puerto Rico P40 OD012217
VandeBerg, John Evaluation of PCR and other biomarkers for assessing parasitological cure in Chagas disease 10/01/12 - 09/30/17 Wellcome Trust Contract