Harald H. Göring Ph.D.

Faculty Profile Picture


South Texas Diabetes and Obesity Institute

School of Medicine

Office: San Antonio Technology Center, Room 320.10
3463 Magic Drive
San Antonio, TX.  78229
Phone: +1 (210)-585-9771
Email: harald.goring@utrgv.edu


2000 Ph.D. Statistical Genetics, Columbia University, New York, NY, USA
1996 M.Ph. Statistical Genetics, Columbia University, New York, NY, USA
1993 M.A. Molecular Genetics, Columbia University, New York, NY, USA

Research Focus

To what degree do we inherit predisposition to disease, life expectancy, and personal skills, predilections, and behaviors?  What are the specific genetic factors involved in shaping these characteristics?  To address these questions, Dr. Göring’s research group works on two aspects of genetic epidemiology, the development of statistical methods for genetic analysis and the application of those methods to well-designed human datasets.

On the methodological front, Dr. Göring’s research group is working on ways to localize and identify rare genomic variants with strong phenotypic impact on complex traits in extended pedigree samples. Specifically, his research group is taking advantage of genotyped rare variants from whole genome sequence data to phase and impute missing genotype data, and, they are developing methods for assessing the phenotypic effect of unique chromosome segments (found only in a single pedigree founder and his/her descendants) on disease and disease-related quantitative risk factors.

On the applied front, Dr. Göring’s research group is involved in several studies that integrate genotypic data and other “omics” technology-generated data to unravel trait etiology.  One project involves the search for differences in gene expression between schizophrenic individuals and controls.  His research group is examining the expression patterns of case and control lymphoblastoid cell lines (from both European ancestry and African American individuals) before and after stimulation with the neurotransmitter dopamine, with the hope that the identified differences reveal information about the etiology of schizophrenia.

Dr. Göring’s group is also seeking to identify early metabolomic biomarkers for type 2 diabetes.  They are screening prospectively collected blood plasma samples in a large cohort of Mexican American family members using a highly sensitive separation methodology (untargeted two-dimensional gas chromatography approach coupled to time-of-flight mass spectrometry) to identify specific molecules or chemical signatures that predict elevated risk of disease onset. In addition, he is assessing the genetic architecture that regulates the levels of specific individual compounds (or their ratios) in the blood stream.


Intramural Appointments


Extramural Appointments

  • Genetics discipline coordinator, Central Curriculum Authority Committee, UTRGV School of Medicine
  • Member, Special Emphasis Panel/Scientific Review Group Cancer, Cardiovascular and Sleep Epidemiology Panel B

Publication Highlights

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  • Göring HHH, Terwilliger JD (2000) Linkage analysis in the presence of errors IV: Joint pseudomarker analysis of linkage and/or linkage disequilibrium on a mixture of pedigrees and singletons when the mode of inheritance cannot be accurately specified. Am J Hum Genet:1310–1327 doi:10.1086/302845
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Recent Publications

Book Chapters

  • Göring HH.  Gene expression studies and complex diseases.  Pp. 67-83. In: Genome Mapping and Genomics in Human and Non-Human Primates. R Duggirala, L Almasy, S Williams-Blangero, S Paul, C Kole (eds), Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2015.

Journal Articles

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  • Baylor College of Medicine

  • Texas Biomedical Research Institute

  • UT Health Science Center San Antonio

  • Southwest Research InstituteUniversity of Pennsylvania

  • Yale University

  • University of Helsinki and Finnish Public Health Institute
  • Columbia University
  • University of Chicago and Northshore University Health System