Call for Submissions

Research/Clinical Abstracts (Word Limit: 250 words)

Structured abstracts are required and should include four headings: Background, Methods, Results and Conclusions.

  1. Background: Discuss the importance of the topic and study objectives.
  2. Methods: Provide a description of setting, target population,study design, sampling techniques, measures, and statistical analyses.
  3. Results: Summarize outcomes in detail. Clinically focused abstracts may also include barriers encountered translating evidence to practice.
  4. Conclusions: Provide brief overview of implications for research, practice, and/or policy.

Research/Clinical Abstract Guidelines

Submit Research/Clinical Abstract
Last day to submit is July 15, 2019

Program Abstracts (Word Limit: 250 words)

Structured abstracts are required and should include four simple headings: Purpose, Description, Lessons Learned and Recommendations.

  1. Purpose: Describe purpose and intent of program and how it promotes health equity and/or eliminates disparities.
  2. Description: Provide a brief outline of program, its scope, target population for services, collaborative stakeholders and their roles.
  3. Lessons Learned: Give an overview of metrics, challenges, facilitators.
  4. Recommendations: Provide implications for practice, policy, or research, as well as next steps.

Program Abstract Guidelines

Submit Program Abstract
Last day to submit is July 15, 2019

Plenary Session Abstracts (Word Limit: 500 words)

Abstract submissions are being accepted for three 1-hour plenary sessions that highlight innovative and exceptional research and programs that promote health equity and aim to eliminate health disparities in the region. Local leaders are strongly encouraged to apply. Plenary sessions should have a moderator and no more than three presenters. Preference will be given to research/programs that showcase the power of community engagement in addressing health disparities. Please provide an abstract that provides the following information:

  1. Title for proposed plenary session.
  2. Brief biography consisting of 2-3 sentences for each session presenter(s) that describe their expertise and affiliation(s).
  3. Brief summary of presentation that includes the importance of topic, stated objectives for presentation and how topic aligns with the conference theme.

Submit Plenary Session Abstract
Last day to submit is July 15, 2019

Case Report Abstract Instructions

The Abstract should not exceed 250 words. Please minimize the use of abbreviations and do not cite references in the abstract. The abstract must include the following separate sections:

  • Background: why the case should be reported and its novelty
  • Case presentation: a brief description of the patient’s clinical and demographic details, the diagnosis, any interventions and the outcomes
  • Conclusions: a brief summary of the clinical impact or potential implications of the case report

Case Report Guidelines

Submit Case Report
Last day to submit is July 15, 2019

Selection Process

Submissions will undergo peer review by the symposium’s scientific committee; those with the highest scores will be selected to present during oral, poster, and plenary sessions. A select number of accepted posters may be invited to participate in a lightning poster slam session. Scoring guidelines for abstracts can be found here. The committee will consider abstracts that have not yet produced results but abstracts for which results will not be obtained at time of symposium are strongly discouraged. Abstract scores will be based on:

  1. Alignment of subject matter with symposium theme
  2. Innovation and importance to disparities research in that it introduces a new concept or sheds light on a research/program of relevance to the community
  3. Approach/Methodology are appropriate
  4. Lessons Learned/Conclusions have potential to impact knowledge of health disparities in the region; practice implications are relevant to broader community.
Abstract Notification: Presenters will be notified via email of abstract status on.
  • Plenary sessions: August 15, 2019
  • Research/Clinical and Program presentations: August 15, 2019

Further Information
For additional information, please contact the scientific organizer:
Dr. Candace Robledo