Research Elective Schedules

Course Number and Title: MEDI 8127 Special Studies Elective (Summer Between MS1 and MS2)

Semester Credit Hours: 1.0 - 12.0

Grading Mode: P/F

Description: This course will enhance fund of knowledge of Medical Students.  Students will engage in individual or specific coursework, research or clinical activities under the supervision of the SOM faculty.  Prerequisite: Enrolled in the School of Medicine.

2018-2019 Deadlines

Apply by April 1, 2019

Reports (3-page) in by August 2, 2019


Course Number and Title: MEDI 9131 Careers in Medicine Elective (MS3)

Semester Credit Hours: 4.0

Grading Mode: P/F

Description: This course is designed for students who are interested in exploring career options or medical specialties not otherwise available during the MS3 year (e.g., radiology, pathology, oncology, rehab medicine, etc.)  This elective is not a clinical rotation but rather an opportunity for students to: (1) assess their interests, values, personal traits, and skills to help them choose specialties that best fit with their attributes; (2) learn details such as prerequisites and length of training, competitiveness of the specialty area, types of patient settings and types of patients and procedures involved with the specialty, and salary and lifestyle implications; and (3) compare their individual qualifications for the specialty, determine preferences for residency training, and compare available programs.  Students will identify an individual faculty mentor in the specialty area of interest and establish a weekly schedule to spend time with the mentor to: (1) observe the mentor's interaction with patients and the practice setting; (2) gain a better understanding of the role of the specialty in the larger scheme of patient care; (3) understand the administrative aspects of providing patient care or contributing to patient care in various practice settings (private physician's office, clinical practice settings (inpatient/outpatient), lab, etc.; (4) gain an increased understanding of interprofessional team work and collaboration necessary to provide patient care; and (5) engage in appreciative inquiry to gain an enhanced awareness of knowledge, skills and personal attributes necessary to be successful in matching for residency in the specialty area. 

2018-2019 Deadlines 

Begin End Research and Mentoring Plan Due Final Research  Report Due
Block 1  July 9, 2018  Aug 3, 2018  June 11, 2018  Sept 28, 2018
Block 2  Oct 1, 2018  Oct 26, 2018  Sep 3, 2018  Dec 21, 2018
Block 3

 Nov 26, 2018

 Dec 21, 2018  Oct 29, 2018  Feb 15, 2019
Block 4  Feb 4, 2019  Mar 1, 2019  Jan 7, 2019  April 26, 2019
Block 5  April 1, 2019  April 26, 2019  Mar 4, 2019  June 21, 2019
Block 6  May 27, 2019  June 21, 2019  April 29, 2019  Aug 16, 2019