Welcome to the Institute of Bioethics and Social Justice

The Institute for Bioethics and Social Justice serves as a platform for integrating ethics and scientific discovery, and foster collaboration and engagement among UTRGV School of Medicine faculty, students, scientists, researchers, clinicians, and communities in the Rio Grande Valley interested in bioethics and social justice. We aim to create a national spotlight for medical ethic events, symposiums, and clinical research. Our platform aims to stimulate informed discussions on bioethics and social justice issues to educate and support our stakeholders and the public.


The Institute for Bioethics and Social Justice promotes and encourages critical reflection on ethical challenges in health care and social justice issues through a variety of media platforms (documentary film, writing, speaking, interviews, social media, and more) to educate and inform members of the general public, community leaders, lawmakers, and others on ethical issues relating to health care, biomedical research, and biotechnological advancement.


To serve as a leader in developing and influencing ethical medical decisions that promote the translation of scientific innovation into medical practice and improve patient care in the Rio Grande Valley.

Aims of the Institute:

  • Focus on issues that concern the Rio Grande Valley population such as, health disparities, inequalities, and social justice.
  • Serve as a think-tank for the RGV community and beyond to improve the awareness and knowledge of ethical dimensions of health care issues.
  • Engage the public in understanding and addressing the ethical aspects of health care and new biotechnologies.