On behalf of the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley we welcome you to our Graduate Medical Education Programs.  Our University partners with several local community hospital partners in the Lower Rio Grande Valley as well as the Veterans' Administration Medical Centers to provide clinical sites for all of the training programs.

GME process prepares physicians for the independent practice of medicine and to assist in the development of a commitment to the life-long learning process that is critical for maintaining professional growth and competency. We commit ourselves to offer graduate medical education programs in which physicians in learning develop personal, clinical, and professional competence under the guidance and supervision of the faculty and staff outstanding in their respective fields and who are committed to teaching.  The faculty is actively engaged in providing teaching and mentorship to our trainees that will enhance their educational experiences and facilitate their success. The Institution and its leadership are committed to provide the necessary educational, financial and human resources to support and maintain excellence in graduate medical education.

Our goal is to provide the best training possible to help our residents achieve the competencies necessary to pursue whatever medical career they choose. Residency education will be provided with empathy, humanism, sound professional and ethical knowledge, and with the skills and attitudes needed to provide excellent health services. 

We encourage you to search our site to find an outstanding training program that meets your interests and educational needs.

Nausheen Jamal, MD

UTRGV Associate Dean GME
Designated Institutional Official