Reports and Data

medical student participating in training exercise

In order to succeed. Diversity and Inclusion is an effort that has to be built into the framework and strategic planning of any institution. To build a successful environment of Diversity and Inclusion, the School of Medicine has foreseen a need for continual assessment and evaluation of the School’s environment. The School of Medicine has contracted DataStar, Inc to carry out this assessment.

The company was recommended by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) ( The AAMC is the organization that oversees our school’s accreditation through the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). We follow the AAMC closely and strive to meet their highest standards in education, therefore we saw fit to follow their advice and methods in developing diversity within the School of Medicine.

Our survey was completely anonymous and the ensuing report will be de-identified meaning that the information of all students, faculty and staff will be kept private and all findings will speak about generalized groups without singling out individuals. The UTRGV School of Medicine has no access to the information you provide in your survey before this time. The UTRGV School of Medicine will review the report through a small committee and assure that the de-identification is successful and deal with any instances in which de-identification is not successful.