Campus Wide Efforts

meeting table with group of medical professionals

We have made several important steps in creating a climate of inclusion for our students, faculty and employees.

Some of these include:

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) has provided several diversity initiatives:

  • The Admissions Committee has undergone two AAMC's holistic admissions training workshops. The Admissions Committee uses a holistic admissions process to ensure the applicant pool and student body is broadly divers. Our admissions committee also attends the training to prepare our staff in recognizing unconscious bias.
  • The School of Medicine partners with several organizations to build pipelines that insure a diverse applicant pool. Most recently, the OSA Admissions was provided the oversight of pipeline programs.

Faculty Development

  • There are several sessions on unconscious bias and cultural attunement available. Faculty can also attend a one day training in student disabilities.
  • Search committees undergo systemic trainings. There is oversight of all faculty recruitments and other strategies to increase hiring pools.


  • Students are exposed to diverse populations and underserved populations through the Colonia Integrated Care Program which teaches students to identify and address societal problems that impact health through interprofessional team visits to neighborhoods on the border that live below the poverty line.
  • Training in LGBTQ related subjects