Vanessa Sanchez

Vanessa SanchezName: Vanessa Sanchez
Hometown: McAllen, TX
Year in Medical School: MS1
Undergraduate School: University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Vanessa Sanchez, a first-year medical student from McAllen, Texas, is the academic chair for the Class of 2022 and a member of the UTRGV School of Medicine’s Student Government Association. She completed her undergraduate degree from UTRGV. Sanchez’s clinical interest is in obstetrics and gynecology and is interested in community-based research for health issues that affect the Rio Grande Valley.

Do you serve on any student interest groups/organizations/activities? If so, which one(s)?

I am a member of the Women’s Health Interest Group, the Texas Medical Association, and am currently the Academic Chair for the Class of 2022 as part of the Student Government Association.

What inspired you to become a doctor? When did you know you wanted to be a doctor?
I was inspired by my parents’ health careers. I was intrigued ever since I was a little girl, so I decided to pursue that interest by volunteering at a local hospital. I decided I wanted to become a doctor, specifically, in tenth grade after first starting to volunteer.

Why did you choose UTRGV School of Medicine?
I chose UTRGV because it was close to home and it was important to me to still be close to my family. Also, the personal opportunities here are much more abundant than in other bigger schools. In addition, I love being able to serve and learn in the community I have called home for all my life. My goal is to stay and practice here.

What specialties of medicine interest you the most? Why?
I am interested OB/GYN which has been influenced by my own health experiences as a patient. The best care I have ever received are from the OB/GYNs I have seen. I would like to be able to make my patients feel as comfortable as possible while providing the same great care I have received for similar issues. Additionally, I think it is a great way to empower women by helping them feel great about themselves and embracing the health of their womanhood.

What areas of research interest you the most? Why?
I am interested in community-based research for issues that are particularly concerning for the Valley. I hope to be able to contribute to bringing change by improving health outcomes for the people of our community.

How has the UTRGV School of Medicine fostered your interests in pursuing a career in medicine?
UTRGV, being a smaller and more tight-knit community than other schools, has made networking very easy. For example, through the Women’s Health Interest Group, I was able to talk to doctors of different fields and this is what caused me to really consider OB/GYN. Opportunities like this are so valuable and it’s great that we have many faculty and other doctors in the community willing to help and talk to us.

What are your plans for research and training this summer?
My plan for the summer is to stay in the area and get ahead on the second year’s material and schedule shadowing with a local OB/GYN to learn more about this field of medicine.

What is one interesting fact others might not know about you that you are willing to share?
One interesting fact some people may not know about me is that I recently got engaged!