Ronkino McCoy

Ronkino McCoy

Name: Ronkino McCoy
Hometown: Malden, Missouri
Year in Medical School: Class of 2022
Undergraduate School: St. Edward’s University Austin, Texas 

Do you serve on any student interest groups/organizations/activities? If so, which one(s)?

Military Medicine Interest Group- Treasurer
American Medical Student Association- Treasurer

What inspired you to become a doctor? When did you know you wanted to be a doctor?

I’ve always known I wanted to be a doctor, but I didn’t full commit to the idea of becoming a doctor until a was 23. What finally inspired me to commit to becoming a doctor was when I realized that becoming a doctor would also put me in a position to advocate for people whose voices would otherwise go unheard or intentionally ignored. Furthermore, becoming a physician will help me fully understand the barriers that people in my situation must overcome to accomplish whatever aspirations they might have. By accomplishing my dreams, I’ll have a better understanding of how to inspire others to do the same.

Why did you choose UTRGV School of Medicine?

I choose UTRGV because of its active commitment to producing physicians that are willing to provide health care and resources to populations that are underserved. I don’t have to be blind to color, gender, ethnicity, or social status here. I can embrace the idea of social equity to ensure that every population has what it needs to thrive.

What specialties of medicine interest you the most? Why?

As of now, I’m most interested in disaster medicine/emergency medicine and critical care surgery. I have always loved disaster response medicine and critical care surgery. It’s hard to replicate the feeling of providing hope to people when things seem hopeless.

What areas of research interest you the most? Why?

The areas of research that interest me most are in improving disaster response in medicine, improving outcome of trauma patients, and social justice and police/government behavior. My research interests are guided by what I’m passionate about.

How has the UTRGV School of Medicine fostered you interests in pursuing a career in medicine?

Whether it’s a student mentor, PBL facilitator, professor, or staff member, every conversation I’ve had about my interest has turned into an active pursuit to ensure that I can learn more about it. It has given me exposure to careers in medicine I didn’t know existed.

What are your plans this summer for engaging in research?

For summer research, I will be conducting research on improving the care of trauma patients at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon.