Patrick Ojeaga

Patrick OjeagaName: Patrick Ojeaga
Hometown: McAllen, Texas
Year in Medical School: MS2
Undergraduate School: The University of Texas at Austin

Do you serve on any student interest groups/organizations/activities? If so, which one(s)?
I currently serve as the American Medical Association/Texas Medical Association (AMA/TMA) chapter president, Student Ambassador, and as a Peer Tutor.

What inspired you to become a doctor? When did you know you wanted to be a doctor?
I always knew I wanted to pursue medicine because of its unique combination of science and service. I enjoy studying the complexities of the human body and want to be able to positively impact the lives of those I encounter.

Why did you choose UTRGV School of Medicine?
Growing up in the Rio Grande Valley, I witnessed countless people who were unable to receive vital healthcare services due to the lack of access or financial disparity. UTRGV School of Medicine’s mission caters to the needs of the community and commits to improving the standard of healthcare in the area. The opportunity to attend a medical school whose mission is purely centered around providing high-quality, compassionate care to the community that raised me was undeniable.

What specialties of medicine interest you the most? Why?
I have taken a great interest in the specialties of orthopaedic surgery, otolaryngology and neurosurgery. Surgery will allow me to interact with individuals of all ages and backgrounds in both the clinic and operating room. I also want to solve difficult problems by using my cognitive and physical abilities.

What areas of research interest you the most? Why?
I am most interested in pediatric clinical research that focuses on treatment protocols and process improvement strategies. During medical school and throughout my career, I want to make contributions that can help improve the standard of care for patients.

How has the UTRGV School of Medicine fostered your interests in pursuing a career in medicine?
UTRGV School of Medicine provides students the opportunity to explore various specialties by connecting us with local physicians for preceptorship and mentorship. They also provide me with the avenues and support to participate in the extracurricular activities that I am most passionate about.

Tell me about the summer between your first and second year of medical school. Did you engage in any interesting research?
During the summer between first and second year, I spent ten weeks conducting clinical research in the area of pediatric orthopaedics. This experience was unforgettable. I had the opportunity to conduct my own research project, while shadowing physicians in clinic and observing a wide variety of procedures in the operating room.

What is one interesting fact others might not know about you that you are willing to share?
I enjoy cooking and binge-watching TV shows on Netflix.